Access Control & Management

What is Access Control ?

Access control is the ability to permit or deny the use of a resource by a user or computer. Access control systems provide the essential services of identification and authentication (I&A), authorization, and accountability where identification and authentication determine who can log on to use a resource, authorization determines what an authenticated user can do, and accountability identifies what a user did.

Do you require Access Control ?

You may require Access Control for a lot of reasons :
– You want to restrict access for a group of users to Internet resources like Pornography sites, Adult material
– You want to disallow completely or allow restricted users on your LAN to use Yahoo or MSN Messengers
– You want to restrict various Internet services / protocols like FTP, HTTP, P2P for your LAN users based on your company policy
– You want only limited users to be able to do everything (Super Users)

How can XSGateway help you ?
– Web URL filtering.
– Make URL Whitelists (Always Allowed) & Blacklists (Never Allowed).
– Make Access Control Policies for Internet Surfing (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, etc.), Messengers (Yahoo, MSN), P2P softwares (Kazaa, eDonkey), Super Users.
– Make Content Policies (Restrict / Allow : Ads, Adult, Porn, Violence, etc).
– Assign above Access & Content Policies to Users or Group of Users.