Antivirus Gateway

What is Anti-Virus ?
Antivirus (or “anti-virus”) Gateway is a class of program that Monitors all incoming or outgoing Emails, Web Pages & FTP files and searches for any known or potential viruses. XSGateway offers centralized management, reduces the technical and manpower requirement, while offering seamless and comprehensive threat protection to the enterprise.

How can XSGateway help you ?

– Web & FTP Anti-Virus : XSGateway offers complete anti-virus protection for web surfing with gateway-level scanning and blocking of standard web protocols like HTTP and FTP. Gateway level protection ensures a powerful, coordinated defense at the networks most critical entry point, reducing expenses related to network clean-up, network downtime and enhancing productivity. The solution delivers preemptive, attack-specific information against attacks before new pattern files are released, offering advanced protection.

– Email Anti-Virus : The anti-virus solution scans email attachments for known and unknown viruses, including polymorphic and mutation viruses, offering protection to SMTP and POP3 traffic. Mass mailer viruses are deleted automatically on detection. Unauthorized email traffic can be blocked with SMTP transport controls, providing another layer of protection.

– Centralized Policy-based Management : Ensures easy-to-use, comprehensive protection with high security and minimal cost and effort. Product configurations, virus pattern updates, security policy and other functions can be controlled through the centralized management console, enabling a rapid, coordinated defense against emerging threats.