Bandwidth Management


What is Bandwidth Management ?

With the exponential growth in Internet usage and increased use of IP based networks, typically VPNs, mission-critical & time-sensitive traffic, Organizations find it very difficult to control their traffic, achieve an acceptable quality of service (QoS) and maximize the performance of business-critical application users. On many networks it has been found that as little as 5-10% of the users use up to 75-80% of the bandwidth and often for non-business & abusive purposes (P2P, Internet Downloads, KazaA, Music, Napster, Personal E-Mails, Yahoo or MSN Instant Messages etc.). The Bandwidth Management allows you to maximize the ROI from your corporate network by effectively managing bandwidth contention, limit Upload/Download speed and prioritise Users/Groups.

Do you require Bandwidth Management ?

If you are any of :

– IT or Software Company
– Call Centre
– Educational Institute, School, College.
– CableNet operator
– Manufacturing, Corporate house with IT/Technical department
– Any Small, Medium or Large Corporate with LAN and Internet

and you dont answers or solutions to :

“My office is always starving for Bandwidth, I think I already have sufficient Bandwidth from my ISP and am already paying a heavy cost. Upgradation of Internet Bandwidth from my ISP doesnt help.”

“Critical Users (or applications) on our Network are unable to achieve performance due to network congestion.”

“We do not want any of our users (or group of users) to use over X-kbps of the Internet Bandwidth coming to our office from our ISP.”

“I want to prioritise our VoIP (Internet Telephony) devices over the LAN users.”

“We want to ensure fair bandwidth allocation based on our company’s policy for all users on our LAN.”

“I have no control, whatsoever, over the bandwidth, we have.”

, then its time, You need to manage bandwidth & prioritise your traffic.

How can XSGateway help you ?

– Centralised Management of Bandwidth at Gateway level.
– Make QoS Bandwidth Policies based on Guaranteed Upload/Download Speed & Prioritisation.
– Limit Bandwidth Utilization by assigning Bandwidth Policies to Users/Group of users based on IP/Network address.
– Implement Burstable Policy – Automatically allocate unutilized bandwidth.
– Compares traffic flows from users against QoS policies defined to ensure strict control of traffic & in accordance to session priorities.
– Provides real-time status for overall network usage and User Traffic.
– Cuts overhead costs dramatically by boosting network performance.
– Guarantees QoS for business-critical voice and data traffic as well as for key users.
– Controls escalating costs by enforcing Service Levels.
– Bandwidth Management has never been so affordable.