XSGateway Control Server

logo_xsgateway_control_server IP networks have proliferated our world. Internet access at work, home and even on the move is what everyone expects. Service providers, enterprise system administrators, wireless operators and the service provider community at large are finding it difficult to cope with growing user demands which include personalization of access speeds, access control and other service features.

XSGateway Control Server is targeted to provide complete Network Management Solutions for Enterprise Networks, Corporates, SMBs, Broadband Users, Software Houses, Call Centers, CableNet Operators, ISPs and other Internet based users or companies. XSGateway Control Server help you control, manage & secure your Network using State-of-art Techniques, that takes efficiency of your Network to new levels.

XSGateway Control Server is the brain & heart of the XSGateway Solution. Control Server is a fully featured UTM with huge range of features including:

– Wide Range Hardware Support
– Multiple Sub-Net support Single Network (Single NIC)
– Inbuilt DNS Forwarding Server
– Port Forwarding
– Restricted Mini Shell
– Map internal IP/network addresses to public IPs for webservers, etc. (DNAT)
– Configure blocking by category (eg pornography, adult, mail etc.)
– URL/IP/Domain blocklist
– Limit bandwidth utilization by IP/network address to ensure equitable provision of
– bandwidth amongst users
– User/Group based Bandwidth Allocation
– Traffic Prioritisation
– Queue based Utilization and Prioritisation
– Block /Allow Messengers / P2P Softwares (Yahoo, MSN, Kazaa, eDonkey)
– Inbuilt DNS Server & Forwarders
– Allowed Whitelist Mail Servers
– Stateful Firewall Configuration
– Network Address Translation (NAT) support
– Allow Internet Access on Restricted Computers
– Bind IP to MACs
– In-built DHCP Server
– Remote SSH, SSH-VNC
– Web based management
– Total Usage & Device wise usage graphing
– User based graphing
– Protection from Spywares through Site-Block (Warez)
– Protection from Phishing through Site-Block & Anti-Spam protection
– Multiple Network Support
– User Monitoring & Access Audit
– Detailed Reporting System
– IP / IP-MAC / Web based Authentication Supports
– White Label User Interface
– Multi-ISP Load Balancing with Fail Over
– PPPoE Manager (Broadband Dialup)
– Controller for Time Tracking, Screenshots & Keylogger