Pharming Prevention

What is Pharming Prevention ?

A new internet security product is offering protection against pharming, a variation on phishing that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in web browsers to redirect users to fake web sites, even when they type the correct internet address into their browsers.

In pharming attack, One corrupts local Domain Name System ( DNS ) servers at the network level .

Pharming is a blended attack form, involving spyware, DNS poisoning, URL spoofing or domain hijacking and Trojans. It alters the DNS addresses, directing users to fake mirror sites that are specifically created to collect confidential data that is later used to perpetrate financial fraud. DNS poisoning is carried out either on the DNS servers over the Internet or in the host file of the user’s PC. Emailed viruses like the Banker Trojan can be used to rewrite local host files.

How can XSGateway help you ?

– XSGateway offers highly effective, blended protection from pharming attacks
– Spyware Blocker : XSGateway takes a blended approach to preventing spyware which can be a precursor to pharming attacks – from entering the network through Spyware Blocker that prevents inbound and outbound traffic to sites like P2P and other known spyware carriers.
– Prevents Spam Entry : XSGateway pre-integrated Anti-Spam analyses mail content and marks spam with policy-based action of deletion option. This prevents virus and Trojan carrying mail from entering the network. In addition, XSGateway blocks or limits access to hotmail, yahoo and other webmails, delivering further protection.