URL Filtering

What is URL Filtering ?

Web filtering/URL filtering by category is not just for blocking pornography. Hacker, virus and warez (pirated software and media) sites all contain dangerous or illegal content and pose a serious security threat.

More and more organizations are turning to URL filtering to increase their business productivity, protect their employees, and safeguard their networks. If you’re among them, just keep in mind that like the web, bigger is definitely better. In Order to prevent unwanted access to specific areas of the internet such as pornography and gambling sites XSGateway introduced the URL Filtering features allowing these kinds of sites to be blacklisted and make unavailable to network users.

You may require URL Filtering for plenty of reasons :
– You need a Control on What your users would open
– You need to filter out Content based on a Specific Category, eg : Porn
– You need to allow Whitelisting in which all sites must be open
– You need to allow certain users to be able to open Specific websites

How can XSGateway help you ?
– Easily control web access by users and groups.
– Increase security by blocking spyware and phishing sites.
– Receive complete monitoring and customizable reports.
– Assign URL Filtering Policies (Content Policies) to Groups or Users.
– Get special child-safety identification for school and public computers.