Phishing Prevention

What is Phishing Prevention ?

Phishing, also known as “Spoofing”, is a high tech Identity Theft scheme used by Internet scammers in an attempt to steal consumers’ personal information. Scottrade is providing you with the following information to make you aware of the seriousness of this fraudulent act, and to help prevent you from becoming an unsuspecting victim.

How can XSGateway help you ?

– Blocks Site Access : XSGateway URL filtering and firewall prevent inbound and outbound traffic to sites like P2P and others that are spyware carriers, which can be a precursor to phishing attacks. XSGateway has a constantly updated Phishing and Fraud category with comprehensive listing of such sites, ensuring reliable access prevention. The category is updated through a series of measures that ensure comprehensive listing.

– Prevents Spam Entry : XSGateway pre-integrated Anti-Spam analyses mail content and marks or deletes phishing mails as phishing spam with policy-based action of quarantine, tag and deletion options. This stops most of the phishing mail from reaching enterprise users.